Hello Dear Visitor,

I’m Danielle Fatzinger, PhD, currently a Programmes Administrator in the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow. I was formerly Research Policy Officer (with the Lab for Academic Culture and the University of Glasgow Library, Information Services) and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the University of Glasgow’s Celtic & Gaelic department. I also have previous experience as a Digital Curator and Postgraduate Researcher Development Office Intern.

As an administrator, I support students, colleagues, and courses at the University, ensuring that assessments can take place smoothly, policies are followed, and other administrative tasks necessary for supporting a University subject.

I’m someone who enjoys having varied and engaging projects to work on that give me room to be creative, think critically, and utilise my research skills to support my work and workplace community. I like to gather and organise information; talk to colleagues to get their perspectives, feedback, concerns, and ideas; and synthesise it into a blog post, webpage, report, infographic, tweet, presentation, or email. These efforts have fed into senior management meetings considering the direction of the university and concerns facing research communities, both through myself and through more senior colleagues. I feel it is important the work of all involved in a team can be successful, and so I happily assist colleagues with their projects via editing, writing, content creation, and being someone who can do behind-the-scenes work at or on events. After all, we’re a team, and we’re all rewarded when our projects or events are successful.

If you want to get in touch, you can email me here.




My PhD research focuses on manuscript production, patron/scribe relationships, literary culture, and cultural identity through the analysis of four late-seventeenth century Gaelic manuscripts written in Kintyre, Argyll by a scribe named Eoghan MacGilleoin for two Clan Campbell patrons and archival records related to the three men.